NOTE: The official language is Italian reference even if the translated versions and descriptions, each term or definition refers to DICTIONARY OF ITALIAN Garzanti.
These conditions may be updated or changed at any time by TecnoAlpi, which will give the inside of the corporate website, at www.tecnoalpi.com



Please note that these conditions of sale does not affect (and should not be read so as to affect) your STATUTORY RIGHTS, which can not be waived or limited by contract.


1.1 To purchase agreement "on line" means the distance contract and that the legal transaction concerning goods and / or services concluded between a supplier

TecnoAlpi snc
Via Dabormida, 50
Buriasco 10060 (TO) ITALY
VAT 04987250018
Companies Register at the Court of Pinerolo n. 3337

and a consumer / customer under an organized distance sales from the supplier for this contract, shall only use the technology of communication at a distance called the "internet". All contracts, therefore, be concluded through direct access by the customer to the website corresponding to the address (URL) http://www.tecnoalpi.com  when following these steps, the consumer / customer will conclude the contract for the purchase of the property.
1.2 If the consumer is the person who buys goods and services for purposes not directly related to their professional activity. The TecnoAlpi snc sells its products and its facilities only to professional Business to Business B2B and B2C Business to Consumer excludes, therefore, any customer who does not intend to proceed with training in the acquisition of property described in the site must be conscious of being considered by TecnoAlpi snc for the protection of the law as a professional since TecnoAlpi snc products are intended solely for use of a professional nature, in this case excludes any claim or protection for the consumer, but are applied to the protections of the law limited 'professional use. The customer is not entitled to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for any direct or indirect personal and / or property, caused by the rejection, even partial, of an order.


2.1 All sales prices of the products shown on the website www.TecnoAlpi.com for which an offer to the public, are excluded VAT and all other taxes, freight and delivery costs are charged separately and will be calculated on the various means of transport that can be chosen by the purchaser, if located in Italian territory. The cost of transportation is duly highlighted on the page within the site that the customer must take care to see before confirming the purchase. In the case of residence abroad customer care will ensure that the additional costs to the State in which it resides by sending a written request via e mail at commerciale@tecnoalpi.it  or fax to +39 0121 091185. In any case, the goods travel at buyer's risk even if carriage paid delivery or our means.
2.2 The delivery carriers will be made at street level.
2.3 No responsibility can however be attributed to the supplier for late or non delivery due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.
2.4 The prices are generally expressed in € euro (EUR) is still the possibility TecnoAlpi choose to show price / or other currencies and to require payment in the same currency

2.5 The purchase contract is executed by correctly filling in and the consensus expressed by the accession date of purchase "online". The customer can pay for the goods ordered by the payment services listed on-line at the time of purchase.

2.6 Although the mode of payment shown on-line at the time of purchase are manifold, TecnoAlpi, given the increased speed of processes associated with the use of electronic means of intervening in the various phases of the buying cycle, ensure the delivery of assets purchased with payment by credit card in less time than other forms of payment. Therefore, all statements relating to the timing of the procedures related to this form of payment.
The methods of payment are accepted:
Payment on delivery (only if authorized by us and accepted "in writing" and charge collection costs of delivery) directly to the courier in cash.
Credit card
credited, as indicated by pictograms.
by bank transfer on the bank indicated below:
BCC Credito Coperativo di BENEVAGENNA
Agency Scalenghe
IBAN IT97E0838231000000200100070
2.7 The purpose of such bank transfer must bear the No. and / or an indication of the reference date of the order name and surname or company placing the order. To speed up the shipping advise to communicate by e-mail: commerciale@tecnoalpi.it  it The number of the CRO on the wire in place, or send a letter to the bank's accounting fax to + 39 0121 0911 85 or via email: commerciale@tecnoalpi.it  address (must be sent in PDF format)
2.8 For the intrinsic characteristics of e-commerce system used by TecnoAlpi based on exact matching of items in stock with what you see in the on-line, until the completion of the purchase order by correctly filling and consent to purchase expressed by the accession date "on line", selected by the customer and the goods listed earlier in the purchase confirmation is made available to other customers and therefore can be purchased by other customers.

2.9 In consideration of the implementation of purchases and mode of delivery, orders improved "online" after 20:00 will be considered as signed on the day following its effective date or, if the order be completed on a public holiday, shall be deemed entered into in the first working day following the effective date of the order.


3.1 TecnoAlpi will deliver to customers the products selected and sorted by courier and / or forwarding agents at the discretion of the company. For customers who wish to be given the option to withdraw the products purchased directly "ex warehouse" no charge for delivery.

3.2 The time of delivery that will never exceed, in any case, those maximum by law, and are indicated at the time of purchase (in the page set up on the site), always and only if the shape payment has been used by credit card or bank confirmation of payment. The delivery date is valid date on the first attempt by the courier, delivery of goods to the recipient, even if the attempt is successful due to the absence of the addressee or refusal of the goods. The delivery attempt will be considered valid even if it took place without notice of the date and time of delivery but occurs in the manner and timing of the charge carrier

3.3 In the event of cancellation by TecnoAlpi, due to the inability of its execution, than the delivery time indicated on the purchase, the customer will be entitled to receive, in the case of payment by credit card or bank transfer, refund the amount paid.


4.1 The computer system of TecnoAlpi is designed to ensure immediate execution of orders and prevent unnecessary customer expectations, in fact, it shows real-time, in its electronic catalog, the availability of the product and the physical condition of any unavailability.
4.2 In the case of higher order for stocks to bring the system allows "Checkout" to purchase and receive only the time periods specified in the existing amount. In the event that the selected article does not provide for any future availability, the computer system TecnoAlpi not accept any order, having assessed the period of supply and procurement of good and too far into the future beyond the time limits set by law, by ensuring delete this item from the catalog.


5.1 TecnoAlpi not assume any responsibility for problems caused due to force majeure and / or unforeseeable circumstances such as accidents, theft and / or robbery to charge courier delivery, fires, explosions, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole or in part, to implement in the time and manner agreed to the contract. TecnoAlpi not be responsible or liable to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above, since the customer is only entitled to get the price paid.
5.2 Similarly TecnoAlpi is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use that may be done by a third party, credit cards, checks and other means of payment, when payment of the products purchased. The TecnoAlpi, in fact, at any time of the purchase procedure is able to know the number of buyer's credit card through a secure connection which is transmitted directly to the manager of banking service


6.1 The TecnoAlpi guarantees the goods produced or marketed by it as described in the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE OF TecnoAlpi. In any case relate to goods for commercial guarantee never extends beyond the 12 (twelve) months, but for some products is limited under the terms of the guarantee of individual product.
6.2 However, for certain items because they share subject to rapid wear, given their type job, so they have a limited lifetime warranty will be subject to rules only for their integrity and correspondence prior to their use, in any case for those items not is never planned replacement.


7.1 The customer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure "on-line", to handle the press and the conservation of these general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as an obligatory step in and the specific product being purchased, and so as to fully satisfy the minimum condition required by law.
7.2 These general conditions may be updated or changed at any time by TecnoAlpi who will notify the website www.tecnoalpi.com The customer agrees and undertakes, whenever a change in the terms and conditions, to arrange for their printing and conservation.
7.3 It is strictly prohibited to enter false data, and / or invented and / or fantasy, the registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications; data details and e mail address must be the only real data and not some other person, or fantasy.
It is expressly forbidden to make double entries corresponding to a single person or enter data of third persons. TecnoAlpi reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, and for the protection of all consumers.
7.4 The customer raises TecnoAlpi from any liability arising from the tax records incorrect because of errors in the data supplied by the customer, being the Client is solely responsible for the correct entry.
7.5 The customer intracomuntario must check the exact specification of P. VAT, of the inaccuracies TecnoAlpi disclaims any responsibility if the inaccuracy were to result in additional expenditure by TecnoAlpi in the presentation of periodic INTRASTAT model, in addition to the already paid by the customer, such charges will unquestionably be charged to the customer if the payment is arrival by credit card direct debit will be notified by e-mail after the incorrectness, though other forms of payment by issuing a letter of complaint sent by e-mail the payment of the charge must be made no later than 5 days thereof, in any case the maximum charge is set at € 25.00, although the TecnoAlpi take extreme care in the preventive control of the data supplied by the client will never be held liable for their truthfulness is that truthfulness always the responsibility of the customer.
7.6 The TecnoAlpi reserves the right to control the intra-Community VAT and use the link provided http://www.1.agenziaentrate.it/servizi/vies/vies.htm that control is not however the only binding for TecnoAlpi accuracy of the information sent to us using the form remains the customer.


8.1 The customer who, for whatever reason, are dissatisfied with your purchase, be entitled to terminate the contract without any penalty specifying the reason, within 10 working days for goods from the day of receipt, for services from the day of conclusion of the contract "on line". The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the prescribed period, a written notice to the TecnoAlpi, Via Dabormida , 50 10060 Buriasco (TO) ITALY, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
8.2 All costs of returning the products are specifically charged to the customer, who, through their agent, will forward the same at TecnoAlpi logistics, prior authorization will be assigned to TecnoAlpi customer that has sent a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, all entries must be received in the conditions of reception, in their original packaging, or at least packed appropriately in order to protect them during transport, and any manuals, without any lack. It is understood that the risks of shipping for returning items will be charged to the customer.
8.3 TecnoAlpi accept the returned goods reserving to see that the products have been returned in original condition with original packaging and should be put on the original packaging of the product with other protective packaging that preserves the integrity and protect him even from writing or labels. Only then will credit the entire amount paid by the customer within the time provided by law. If that amount has been paid by credit card, TecnoAlpi shall credit the same amount, by the issuer, the card of the customer. In the event that had been taken several forms of payment, the Customer may disclose the account number on which the Company will make the remittance of the amount due.


9.1 By filling in the appropriate space on the website of the banking system of payment, the customer authorizes TecnoAlpi to use their credit card to debit your bank account in favor of TecnoAlpi the total amount indicated as the cost with the purchase "online". The whole procedure is done via secure connection directly connected to the bank owner and operator of the service fee "on line", which TecnoAlpi can not access.
If the client wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal, as previously stated in paragraph 8 of these conditions, the amount to be refunded will be credited to the same credit card.

9.2 Filling the registry card in registration process required to provide him with the procedure for the execution of this contract and the subsequent communications, the customer authorizes TecnoAlpi to communicate non-sensitive personal data (address, phone number) to carriers and / or forwarding agents used for the delivery of goods purchased, in order to allow the procedures necessary for delivery.


10.1 TecnoAlpi has the right to terminate the contract by simply informing the customer with sufficient and justified reasons, in which case the customer shall only be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid.
10.2 The obligations assumed by the customer in art. 7 (Obligations of the buyer), and the guarantee of successful payment the customer makes with the media in art. 2, are essential, so that, by express agreement, the failure by the customer, with just one of those bonds will determine the legal termination of the contract under article 1456 Civil Code, without necessity of judicial decision, without prejudice to the right TecnoAlpi to sue for damages.


11.1 The personal information is collected for the purpose of registering the customer and provide him with the procedures for the execution of this contract and the necessary communications, these data are processed electronically in compliance with laws and can be produced only on request the judicial authority or other authority authorized by law.
11.2 The personal information will be disclosed to third parties who carry out activities necessary for the execution of the contract and used exclusively for that purpose.
11.3 The exercise his rights under Article .13, L. 675/1996, namely: to seek confirmation of the existence at the headquarters of TecnoAlpi snc of their personal data, to know their origin, logic and purpose of their treatment, to obtain updating, rectification and integration; to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block
case of illegal treatment, to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons or if the data is used for sending advertising material, commercial information, market research, direct marketing and interactive marketing communications.
11.4 The cancellation of their personal data is subject to the submission of a written notice sent by fax +39 0121 091185 or mail to the company headquarters, or by e-mail: info@tecnoalpi.it
Owner and manager of the collection and processing of personal data is TecnoAlpi, Via  Dabormida, 50  - 10060 Buriasco (TO) ITALY


12.1 Any dispute concerning the application, implementation, and breach of contract of sale entered into "online" via the Internet www.TecnoAlpi.com site is subject to Italian jurisdiction, these conditions are reported, although not expressly covered , in conjunction with the Legislative Decree n. 50 of 15.1.1992 and D. Decree No. 185 of 22.5.1999.

12.2 Any dispute between the parties relating to this contract will be competent Court in whose district the home customer, for all other customers (or those of foreign companies) it is agreed that any dispute shall be brought before the Court of Pinerolo, Turin - ITALY.


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