1. Warnings
TecnoAlpi states that any user (hereafter referred to as "User") please contact the web site owned by TecnoAlpi (hereinafter "Site") accepts the rules, terms and conditions herein (hereinafter referred to as "Rules") and those indicated in other pages of the Site in the event that these conditions were not accepted by you, please exit the Site immediately. The user who logs on to the other pages of the Site declares, in fact, the acceptance of the Rules in their entirety. TecnoAlpi reserves the right to modify at its sole discretion at any time in any way the rules as well as content and format of the Website or discontinue the operation without notice and without being obliged to render account to no one in any case, the suspension or canceling the changing content of the Site may not be subject to claims for damages either direct or indirect. The official language is Italian Site of every translation does not bind the TecnoAlpi.

2. Purpose of Site
The purpose of the site is to illustrate the distribution, advertising and information about their products and services
TecnoAlpi made by way of business (hereinafter "Information"). None of the information contained in the Site may be considered, unless specifically stated, promised to the public or in any way be considered binding in any negotiations or business relationship. All information provided on the website should be considered purely indicative and not binding in any way or TecnoAlpi, nor the managers of the Site, nor any other third parties on the Site via links called.

3. Use of trademarks, images, photos, drawings, sounds, movies, software
Unless specifically stated otherwise, any trademark, logo, image, drawing, sound, music, movie, software or other Site (hereinafter "Items") are covered by relevant rights that protect their ownership such as, indicative and not exhaustive, trademark, patent right, copyright, etc.. These rights are all lawfully held by
TecnoAlpi or TecnoAlpi had a concession from the owners. And 'therefore prohibited, except for strictly personal purposes, any use (copy, partial copy, hardcopy) of the Objects. For strictly personal use means the filing on a personal computer or printing of the objects to be conserved as documentation for personal use. They are therefore to be considered not strictly personal use - and as such unlawful - the distribution and transmission - this includes making them available on other sites - Object to third parties, their modification, republication, and reusing them in other documents or files, and any kind of image processing. TecnoAlpi is in no way responsible for, nor can it be called to answer for violations of the rights that the owners of Items granted in concession to TecnoAlpi can charge against users of the Site, in any way, may have violated such rights. The responsibility for such violations and remains of the Site who commits them.

3.1. Damage arising from connection to the Site
TecnoAlpi is in no way responsible for any damage arising from accessing the website and the use or downloading of the Items present, whether such damages resulting from defects, errors or anything else, or due to inability to use the material in the Site

3.2. Link
TecnoAlpi is not responsible for the content of sites connected by links to TecnoAlpi Site or the content of sites to which the Site refers you via links.

4. Truth, compulsory nature and exhaustiveness of information, offers and services presented on the site - Territoriality-Information Disclaimer
Because the Information is purely indicative, any guarantee of its accuracy and completeness. It 'also ruled that any information provided on the Site may in any way commit, for any reason,
TecnoAlpi or other entities indicated or referred to by links from the Site In particular, it is possible that the Information contained on the Site is valid in all Countries from which you can contact the Site Every user requiring precise, detailed information should contact structures TecnoAlpi in his country. It 's also possible that the information contained in the Site may be arbitrarily changed by TecnoAlpi at any time for any reason without being said, both before and after the changes, binding in any way TecnoAlpi.

5. Privacy Policy
TecnoAlpi applies both in law and spirit, the protection of privacy. These safeguards apply to all those who are related TecnoAlpi, be they employees, suppliers, customers, potential customers or visitors to its Site

5.1. Release of personal data
If a visitor to the Site intends to voluntarily release personal data as defined under the Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 ("Code regarding the protection of personal data"), this can only happen by following the rules and procedures of the abovementioned legislation and
TecnoAlpi engages in the processing of personal data, to ensure the utmost confidentiality and care complying with the provisions of the law . In particular TecnoAlpi and will take action in respect of its staff and any outside parties, security measures and the minimum security measures provided for in Chapters I and II, Title V of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 "Protection of personal data" for the protection of personal data. The release of personal data is a free choice of every visitor to the Site, the Site TecnoAlpi, no record of personal information that does not happen as a result of specific notice to the visitor the opportunity to register their personal data. In order to avoid errors or mistakes, all recording of personal data, in any case, it can happen that as a result of a further and final confirmation by the visitor.

6. E-mail, mailing lists
If the user wants to send, for any reason, e-mail to the Site or the Site itself to join a mailing list to receive the user's computer information of interest, it is stressed that if one of these possibilities required the registration of personal data, registration of personal data will always be in compliance with Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196. Therefore, no recording will be made without your explicit, repeated authorization.

7. Use of Interactive Media
To the extent that the Site contains or may contain electronic mail links, bulletin boards, discussion forums, chat rooms, or other exchange of messages or information related to
TecnoAlpi and / or other users, the User agrees to use these tools in a manner consistent with the purposes for which they were created. Under no circumstances shall the user violate any law by using such forums for purposes including but not limited, to defaming or harassing others, violating intellectual property rights of third parties or TecnoAlpi, posting or sending obscene or offensive, and introducing viruses, corrupted files or other programs which could damage or alter this website or computer TecnoAlpi or third parties. TecnoAlpi reserves the right to remove any contents of this site for any reason the company deems appropriate. You acknowledge that any material posted by parties other than TecnoAlpi or its affiliates are not endorsed by TecnoAlpi and such communications shall not be considered reviewed or approved by TecnoAlpi.

8. Accountability
By using the pages of the Site for any purpose, you assume all risks associated with the use of the Site and its individual pages. These risks also relate, for example but not exclusively, for any damage to your computer, software or data by you from computer viruses, software or other files that may be transmitted or activated via a web page Site or through your access to this page.
TecnoAlpi not be held responsible in any case, under the previous Article 3.1, for damages of any nature arising from the use or misuse of this Site or in connection therewith, or attributable to any information, lack of information, documentation , software, service or other material obtained through any of the web pages of the Site

9. Use prohibited
The User agrees not to: 1) modify, damage, knowingly and without authorization, computer systems, computer networks, software, websites and programs
TecnoAlpi or other users, documentation or data contained therein; 2) use the Site to conduct or groped to conduct any business or activity or solicit the performance of any activity prohibited by law. Any action by the User that results in the blocking of access to this site by other users or TecnoAlpi will be deemed an unauthorized use. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE USER ACCESS TO ACCESS OR GROPED COMPUTER SYSTEM OR COMPUTER NETWORK FOR THE PURPOSE OF EXECUTING TecnoAlpi OPERA IN ACTS OF FRAUD OR THEFT LOSS OF A THIRD PARTY OR IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW. TecnoAlpi reserves the right at its discretion, to terminate your use of this Site by you or prohibit future access to the User that, in the event of misuse or unauthorized or prohibited the site by the same.

10. Indemnification
The User agrees to indemnify
TecnoAlpi, in person and in the person of those under him in connection with any liabilities, expenses, legal fees or damages resulting from use of this site or arising therefrom, including any allegations of facts that if that really happened, could constitute a violation of the Rules by the User.

11. No contractual relationship continuing
You acknowledge that your use of this Site does not imply the existence of ongoing relationships between
TecnoAlpi and the User, including, but not limited to, partnerships, joint venture or employment, contractual, or agency relationship between you and TecnoAlpi or partners or employees of the latter.

12. Principle of Protection
If one of the rules is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law, replacing the clauses deemed invalid or unenforceable it will introduce other, valid and enforceable provision that closely resembles the intent of the provisions of the original provision, while its of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

13. Applicable law - Jurisdiction
As indicated in the warnings, access to the Site entails full acceptance of the rules contained in the Site. Accordingly, the user accessing the website agrees that the legislation applicable to any problem arising from access to the Site or the Information or Items present in the site, is Italian law. Similarly, you agree that exclusive jurisdiction for such problems is the Court of Pinerolo.


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